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Organizational Tools for the Fashion Industry and Digital Artist

A few years ago I started my Prairie Roses shop to sell some of my own designs of children's clothing and to destash some excess supplies. I chose Prairie Roses as the brand name for my little girls dresses because it brings to mind the idea of a rural, country lifestyle. I've worked in the fashion industry for many years as a technical designer and pattern maker. Recently, I've been working as a librarian. Both of these experiences have given me some strong technical and organizational skills.

I've wanted to share with new and established designers some of the organizational ideas that I have developed over the years. This includes gathering together all the pieces of information needed to manufacture an item to how to store product samples for easy retrieval. I've reworked all of my personal forms and processes in order to present them to others. I firmly believe an organized designer can have a successful business! These items can be found in my Etsy shop Melander Designs (

I have slowed down my hectic life in the fashion design world and have begun to explore other creative avenues. This includes digital art, graphic design and quilting.


Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator

I am a veteran of the fashion industry specializing in children's special occasion clothing. I have been involved with the manufacturing and selling of children's clothing in big box retail and specialty boutique stores for many years. I also love graphic design.